Education is the engine of the future, today and tomorrow, as the French say “l education permanent” is what is needed. Creating a safe environment is key, so people can be at ease and absorb knowledge.

Did you know DS Box can help education institutions? Often using camera systems already deployed?

Treating a camera as a sensor in which video feeds are analysed real-time instead of “just” being stored is something that is easy and, in many cases, can be done without changing the current infrastructure.

Today’s Universities are no longer education locations with a fixed curriculum. They are dynamic and vibrant educational and relation building institutions. Students are working in groups, with external companies and bodies from other universities in various levels of their road to a degree.

Utilisation of space is key. Sometimes it may be overcrowded and sometimes it is too quiet. Both situations as an Education institute should avoid.

DS Box will contribute to a better understanding of traffic frequency (people & vehicles) within the Campuses / Educational Facilities in order to evaluate implemented measures to navigate their flows but also as a foundation for planning new measures.

With the Perimeter Protection and Intrusion Detection functionality, the area around air-intakes and the elevation lobbies are under surveillance in respect of intrusion and false direction. Areas in front of emergency exits are protected against unwanted intrusion as well as loitering. In addition, all garage entries and access roads are under surveillance in respect of intrusion.

People Counting and Occupancy Management use multiple 3D sensors to determinate the occupancy of function rooms / ball rooms, as well as occupancy to understand how many people are in a building in case of emergency.

With LPR the car park access ramps are monitored to recognize white / black listed plates when accessing barriers.

With the Indoor Object Detection, the underground service corridors are monitored in respect of left objects. The Dynamic Blurring constantly blur video streams for operators in order to maintain privacy of people within a camera scene.

With the Face Recognition, people can be whitelisted to complement access control systems. Unwanted persons are back listed and will trigger and alarm when spotted. Can be also combined with LPR to combine a person and a number plate for opening a barrier.

The communication of the outcomes will be displayed in Digital Signage of the educational institute for informing the students, faculty and staff members for making it actionable or published as a report for higher management. The insights will help to make informed decision for efficiency and cost savings.

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