Hospitality businesses has massive shortage, the options are sharing the limited staffing resources and by leveraging on existing video surveillance cameras as one of the most effective ways to protect the safety and well-being of guests and employees. Unlock the installed security camera and sensors to security team by virtual 24/7 monitoring in common areas such as pool decks, halls, bars, restaurants, entrances, and license plate recognition for parking lots for safety concerns. By defining rules in region of interest, the threat is detected, the security team is alerted in real time.

Guest need to be safe in public places in hotels and resorts, with limited personnel of security, the incident response time with situational intelligence is fast in case of an emergency, threat, or security breach.

People may attempt to enter the facilities during off peak time or enter the restricted area by accident or on purpose. Protecting families & children from accidentally fall into the pools without adults nearby.

People Counting, Heat mapping will give intelligence on the number of people and movement at different hours of the day, so they can provide better services and implement better staff allocation for off peak and peak times of service.

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