DS Box AI Retail can help location owners of retail space in ways to enhance the shopper's experiential feel of brand, products and services.

It aims to improve efficiency by providing business intelligence (people and product) to improve stocking levels, better manage or streamline floor plans into more efficient traffic patterns, support inventory management and identify repeat customers for special promotions or services that only loyal buyers will receive. It can also reduce theft and loss and improve stocking levels.

DS Box can provide real-time and past track record of data on shopper's behaviour. It will help to decide store layouts, identify product placement and the anticipation of customer choices and patterns.

Smoother, better and differentiated experiences will encourage more frequent visits and increase loyalty. As Retail is evolving to find new ways to differentiate from online e-commerce transactional stores.

DS Box can also reduce theft and loss and improve incident response time to create a safer shopping environment.

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