People have become uncertain about their safety in larger crowds.

However, transportation is crucial in making our world function. We need long-term solutions to solve the security as well as ensure healthy environments.

Video feeds and sensors can provide an almost infinite array of opportunities, from enhancing situational awareness and help turn data into insights to reduce costs. It can be effectively applied to improve both security and safety efforts, which enables to react faster and make informed decisions and identify new opportunities.

Keeping transport and logistics running puts pressure on resources and introduces new challenges that must be solved, such as overcrowding and monitoring with people counting and safe distancing, Identify feverish passengers with elevated skin temperature detection

Avoid overcrowding in large areas with crowd counting solutions, it can help provide insights and inform authorities and operators to when large areas get too crowded. The real-time data will enable immediate action, as well as insights that can help optimise locations and enhance situational awareness.

Communicate clearly with digital signage, in order to comply with preventative measures, they need to understand how to do so, be it by knowing about available premises or the right way to move around.

Having DS Box for insights means that you will be able to direct people to the correct areas for travel or give reminders of safety guidelines.

Optimise people flow with heat maps or occupancy statistics based on the images the cameras have captured to provide this information historically or in real-time.

Measure distance between people and transport vehicle or equipment with LiDAR Sensor, it can accurately measure the location of and distance between them, as well as the number of people or transportation equipment in a given location. LiDAR sensors are an advanced 3D-sensing technology used to determine the movement, range and angle of moving objects via laser beams. The technology enables you to count people entering and exiting areas and provide an automatic notification.

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