Workspaces are undergoing a massive change of culture, with the new generations of workers and the new culture to workplaces and this change of behaviour will continue as
previous generations retire and workplaces are learning and preparing to attract Gen Alpha in coming years.

Typical workplace has moved beyond documents, correspondence, reports, statements and
other filing material. The workstation area usually has a dual monitor, connections to laptop, keyboard and telephone, among other equipment.

The most routine work in a workplace is happening in back office with fixed spaces for desk telephones, print or photocopy, collating documents, maintain and update filing, inventory, mailing and database systems. Open, sort and route incoming mail and courier packages. Process reports, applications, receipts, expenditures and other documents, using a desktop computer.

Workplaces of today are beginning to look like places to meet and greet colleagues, conduct impromptu meetings with new team members, interns and business visitors in a casual setting to inspire, learn and motivate. A typical day in a workplace with mundane tasks is, no longer limited to one fixed desk or area in a workplace.

You, as an individual, no longer have a desk, it is Our Office, Our Desk. With freedom to choose where you like to work, reserve and plan based on the needs of the moment.

Workplace to Work & Play is a transformation to community space, from a fixed room, fixed desk to common room and hot desk, meeting room and meeting areas for collaborative work, demo center, training rooms for internal and external teams.

It is now a recreation space with restaurant, coffee corner, kitchen space and bar as part of networking and think space, where ideas are born and nurtured.

DS Box AI Workspace will sort and solve in creating and deployment as per needs for flexible environments.

If allowed by GDPR, make it personal by facial recognition. Finding a balance between what is technically possible and what would be considered as infringement into the personal space is a process an organisation needs to handle with care. One could as example even count per individual track how long they spend where, talk with which person for how many minutes and much more

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