SAIMOS® Scrambler (Dynamic Blurring for Privacy) is certified and reliably scrambles moving objects and/or static areas within video streams.

This functionality was developed to enable the protection of privacy in a monitored area.

SAIMOS® Scrambler is configured via a user-friendly, browser-based interface with an appealing design.

Automatic camera recognition and simple setup with polygonal shapes directly in the live video view enable basic configuration within a few minutes

It supports seamless integration with video management systems.

With our dynamic blurring approach, operators to maintain full control of a scene, while not being able to identify individuals.

We’ve chosen the approach of full object blurring (instead of face only) as individuals still might be identifiable due to their clothing or style of walking.

SAIMOS® Scrambler is used for maintaining privacy in public areas but also for example in VIP areas in which you don’t want an operator to see who is whom.

Area of Use
Public Surveillance
  • SDynamic and static scrambling for public places or company areas with public access
  • Permanent and/or dynamic blurring of critical public areas
  • SAIMOS® Scramble can be coupled with external alerts via TCP interface to disable scrambling when a critical event occurs
Surveillance of exclusive areas
  • Disguise surveillance data in high-security environments or exclusive areas to protect the privacy of the individuals being monitored
  • Permanent and/or dynamic scrambling of private areas
  • EDisabling of the scrambling via the TCP interface when alarm keys are pressed or certain events occur

Key Features
Algorithms & Functionality
  • Scrambling of static areas
  • Dynamic scrambling of moving objects based on motion detection
  • Configurable scrambling pixel size
  • Flexible definition of static scrambling areas and areas of interest with polygons
  • TCP interface for activating/deactivating scrambling if required
  • Streaming of the encrypted stream via RTSP to VMS systems
  • Automatic camera detection
  • Unlimited number of individually configurable scrambling zones
  • Easy calibration
  • Optimized for 24/7 real-time use
  • EUser-friendly, browser-based user interface with appealing design
VMS Integration
  • Milestone XProtext® Essentials+ or higher
  • SeeTec Cayuga (via Plugin integration)
  • Multieye
  • Control Center
Technical Requirements
  • Minimal pixel density: 12 pixel / meter
  • Windows / Linux | RAM: min. 4 GB | HDD: min. 5 GB | CPU: Intel i5/AMD/ARMv8
Stream Integration
  • RTSP (H.264, MJPEG, MPEG4 | TCP / UDP)
Technical Requirements
  • Minimal pixel density: 12 pixel / meter
  • Windows | RAM: min. 32 GB | HDD: min. 1 TB | CPU: Intel Corei7