Data is the most valuable asset, but only if insights are generated by analysing real time information and drawing conclusions.

DS in Data Sensing is knowing how data generates value with outomes.

Allowing data to improve security and safety for efficient decisions has become increasingly critical to protect, save and prevent any undesired outcomes.

DS Box is seamlessly integrated with existing systems as per needs of location. Our capabilities for hardware integration with software for video data analytics to interpret video and sensor feeds from situations involving moving objects, license plate of vehicles, facial recognition, people counting, crowd management, 2D/3D object detection and more, as per user needs makes it a future proof solution.

DS Box is functioning with next generation of Intel CPU’s, Intel® Movidius™ VPU to achieve a balance of power efficiency and compute performance. VPU technology enables intelligent cameras, edge servers and AI appliances with deep neural network and computer vision-based applications such as security and safety, and industrial automation.

DS Box partners and collaborates with companies to integrate and deliver outcomes to customers who are in need of protecting and/or managing their assets. Data is Resource - Take your Data and Turn it into Analytic Power and Predictive Power, we truly believe that every company is a digital company and segments are not limited to security, safety in workplace, intelligence in retail, commercial & industrial buildings and critical infrastructures.

DS Box for Business Outcomes

From selling products to business outcomes - With the arrival of video analytics, the role of security cameras has moved beyond their primary goal of protecting assets onsite. Even though end customers are still slow to adopt the business intelligence part of security cameras and sensors, the technology is very much ready and continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

Perhaps this reluctance is because vendors have been selling solutions (earlier they were products) to customers. Our focus remains to deliver business outcomes to customers, and it is the only way to solve problems and explore opportunity within security and beyond security

“At its core, the term “business outcome” refers to creating value for customers."

For instance, traffic management using video technology has been about monitoring speeding and issuing tickets, monitoring red light violations, etc., in the past. But video technology of the future will even help factors like reducing pollution, reducing congestion by redirecting traffic, predicting traffic patterns that will help emergency response vehicles know where an accident might occur, and so on.

The customer doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, if all this sounds too futuristic for a customer, that is because it is. DS Box clearly knows that end customers will not understand the potential of video to add value to their enterprises until they experience it. And this is not anything new to innovation.

Customers are aware of their problems, but not necessarily the best solution. This is an area where it intends to work with partners and end customers so that there is more awareness about video technology and its benefits.

“Our goal is to leverage the possibilities of complex technologies, in the simplest way possible while ensuring the existing hardware is fully utilised to enable effective security solutions for users.

Design a safer business environment with the power of video, as companies and organizations return to work after national lockdowns, we’re all faced with the same challenge: how can people be protected, and productivity maintained in an ongoing pandemic? Many are turning to video technology to meet new workplace requirements, and ensure employee and customer well-being, most importantly Safety and Security is a matter of using technology in right way.

How is the new data-centric era of compute?

The data-centric era is about processing data very quickly. Essentially, By enabling a more flexible, agile, and scalable network where workloads can be deployed at multiple locations, whether in the cloud, at the edge, or on-premise. All of this innovation is in the name of delivering the right quality of experience for our customers so they can make their businesses work.

What is the importance of edge computing?

The reason people are talking about edge computing is that it places compute and analytics much closer to where data is generated, delivering a better experience for the end customer. Edge computing also enables network providers to ensure they’re delivering experiences with the right economics and the right scale, whether that means low latency, higher reliability, or both.

Why do we need low latency and higher reliability?

Together, low latency and ultra-reliability are critical to the future of unleashing potential across many different vertical markets. With low latency, and high reliability, there’s the opportunity to connect many different locations and use AI and machine learning to improve performance and output.